TRTLMT Chickpea Patties

I can’t stop making things from TRTLMT, and Jules loves nearly everything I try. His favourite, are definitely the Chickpea Patties

photo 3

My notes on the recipe:

  • Serve with tzatziki.
  • They freeze really well, quick microwave and they’re ready to serve.
  • Possible without a TMX, just use a food processor. The site has instructions for other methods other than TMX
  • Make enough for the adults, because once you try them, you’ll want to eat them allllll.

Quick Pumpkin Scones

I needed to make some snacks for a friend and her children who were visiting to meet Lola. I often make pumpkin scones and they are a hit (normally use Lady Flo’s recipe and they are delicious. Except I hate having to precook the pumpkin, yes I’m lazy.)

I found this recipe “Quick Pumpkin Scones” while trying to find the Lady Flo recipe and noticed this recipe didn’t need to precook pumpkin.

These were SO good, everyone gobbled them up, including the youngin visitor who doesn’t like pumpkin! Husband has requested these to take to work. I’m happy with the lack of sugar and butter in the recipe! We made a second batch the same day!

photo 1

My notes from this recipe:

  • I found the pumpkin needed a few more seconds of chopping, but don’t over chop otherwise it turns a bit puree-ish.
  • I added too much milk the first time, and over chopped the pumpkin the second time and both times they were fine! Love a recipe that is hard to stuff up!
  • Definitely possible without TMX, grate pumpkin and mix and knead by hand!

Veggie Chilli Con Carne

As my hubby pointed out, this isn’t really a Chilli Con Carne, given there is no meat…. anyway, this is a quick meal and is packed full of vegetables. I made the full serve, and cooked a full serve of rice (which I think is 400 grams of rice prior to being cooked) and I got 9 serves for my toddler.

The recipe is from Mrs D + 3, this post includes her Vegetarian Chilli Con Carne as well as two other kid focussed meals.

photo 2
The leftover serves all ready to be frozen!

My notes from this recipe:

  • I found it a bit watery, I left it to thicken, and then after it cooled (before I bagged it for freezing) I scooped some pooled water off the top. Next time I’ll skip the water.
  • It’s really tasty, with more chilli hubby and I would have happily eaten it.
  • I skipped the celery as we never seem to have it in the house and it worked out fine.
  • Julian absolutely smashed this, so very pleased with this recipe!
photo 1
Healthy, easy and well-received. Can’t ask for more than that!

Sour Cream and Chive Crackers

With an abundance of sour cream, and the want to make easy crackers, I attemptedĀ “The Road To Loving My Thermo Mixer’s Sour Cream & Chive Crackers.” I hate working with dough, so crackers or anything that involves touching dough, rolling out dough and shaping it, is always going to be a long frustrating experience for me. This dough was quick to make, and not sticky so I ignoring having to roll it out and make it cracker shaped, it was quick and fairly painless.

Sour Cream and Chive Crackers
First attempt – half underbaked, half overbaked, and lacking flavour.

My notes from this recipe:

  • Make sure you get the pebble shaped dough, otherwise when you go to roll it out it crumbles and doesn’t roll!
  • I found the flavour lacking, so I ended up adding salt on the top of the crackers before baking.
  • Ensure all the crackers are fairly close in thickness or some burn, and some are undercooked!
  • Definitely follow the recipe instructions in regards to working with some of the dough at a time, it allows you a few trial and errors and it would be way too much to work with at once!
Star shaped - Sour Cream and Chive Crackers
Second attempt. Bit of salt added, and way more adorable!